Truth Leake #29 - Insight's at the Door

Where should I begin? I'm bursting with gotta-tell Truths.

No, not current event Truths - The Universal Truths, those still deep in the sand, tucked in brilliant minds or gifted to "like me's", at-the-ready for a 2 a.m. download.

It's amazing what's out there but not in here - within me and you - yet. Or, is it? My discoveries are telling me it is not only in me and you but it is me and you.

How's that work?

The next time you want to know - something, about or why - knock on your own Insight's Door. You'll get an answer.The question is, will you invite it in or justify it away.

People, humans, are funny about that.

No worries. Once it's in the vibes it's not going away; it's only a matter of time.

And, as we know, The Universe has plenty of time...but in this life time, your do not.

Truth Leakes #29...

Answers are talking...Are you listening?


The Evolve-olution is Happening and there's room for you but only if you choose up!

Forward has been a proven method; one that served well. But for today's Evolve it's time for TheNextLevel, the Evolve-olution,Truths Leaked proven to shift, improve and empower.

It's an Evolve-ing thing that has shaken my world to a whole new level. I'm sharing with you because of all my years helping animals it is time to help you, their people.

I'm taken aback with the struggles, questions and confusions I've witnessed for too long. It is time to Tell the spill the beans and watch more and more of you and me's...bloom simply because hidden truths are told.

There is a reason we're all here on this planet today. To remember just who in the world we really are...and the path begins here and now. If you are a seeker, searcher and a wanter of more...Welcome.

You are an amazing asset to not only yourself but to all those you connect with every day.

Welcome to the Evolve-olution.

Joyce Leake Inc.

Kiowa, Colorado USA

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