What's the Receive Diff

As an Evolve.Alutionary we are discovering that what worked in the past to support our need to know does not work now.

When we had a question in the metaphysical realm; i. e., manifesting, seeking or learning in general, our first action was to reach out to those in the know. We could depend on the wisdom and experience of those before us to teach the secrets, the how.

Some still maintain that model for answers to their many questions; especially if those individuals blend well in the #1 or #2 Consciousness Groups. Their needs are met by those who have come before them, dipped their respective toes into the proverbial waters and deemed it successful, or at least, have worked out the kinks to their satisfaction.

There is a certain safety in that result as we all can attest. Having someone go forth first and proving success is an easier route and one that we all naturally aspire towards.

Unless - and until - we choose to Step Onto the Spiral and discontinue the forward and trade for the Upward; i.e., the Evolved Trajectory.

When one becomes a Receiver and is willing to proceed as a Receiver to its fullest intent, one is declaring to forgo the forward how to and accept the upward 'of course'.

It is at that moment when one is ensured that what ever is needed, wanted or desired has a much better opportunity to happen quickly. Because when one proceeds upward it lets go of the entanglements that can pull it down. Receiving is inevitable.

Because when we challenge gravitational grips it is only within a short matter of time that anything can hang on to a matter moving upward. The sheer force of gravity will add a weight and carriage that simply cannot be maintained.

Thus the rigor, work and intensity required in an instructional metaphysical 'how to' teaching/suggestion model cannot survive.

So are those in the #1 and #2 Groups committed to a lost cause? Not necessarily. However, they are going to experience successes in stops and starts; ups and downs and other inconsistencies.

For the Evolve.Alutionary when the method to Receive is fully accepted and put into a daily practice it will quickly evolve into a Being, a Who You Are, a Success at all times. There simply is no room for otherwise.

Gravity is the caveat for all of what it is we want in life. It was our challenge with our first breath and will continue to be so until we decide that the best path is UP, elevating our selves to a higher, less dense realm.

This is where we were always destined to live, thrive and BE.

The truth is in the Spiral.

And the Spiral is the pathway to BE.

Food for thought for all those choosing #3 - the Power to BE Perpetually.

With best regards,


Joyce Leake, Founder of the Evolve.Alution

An Upward Group of Advancing Souls; Choose the Spiral

Feeling a little lost and out of the loop? You don't have to if you choose to get involved and Evolve. The Group is a combination of teachings on many levels and in varied formats. Learn more about how you can skip the forward and step into the upward.

Your life is waiting and as we know, we all think we have enough time, when in fact we do not.

Evolve. It is time. You are allowed.

Learn More and Just Do It


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