Welcome Joanne Hughes

Joanne Hughes, Contributing Presenter to the Evolve.alution Movement

You never know whom you will meet nor maintain a long-lasting friendship through Animal Communication.

Talking with and listening to dogs, cats and horses does offer human perks. One such? Meeting Joanne Hughes.

A few of her reciprocal perks include savvy smarts and trusted intuition. Joanne is known as a knower.

Her statements of the 'intuitive obvious' are delivered with matter of fact, dead-pan wit amazing all within her circle.

When asked about her style she is quick to lend credence to her abstract analytical, computer-specialist's mind too. She is always full of surprises.

It is an honor to Welcome Joanne Hughes' trusted perspective to this Sunday, September 9th's, life-altering Evolve.alution Series #9.

Here's More about my connection with Joanne and a mere snippet of her very interesting life. Meet Contributing Presenter, Joanne Hughes:

Joanne met Joyce over 20 years ago through a mutual friend; she asked Joyce to communicate with Maxine, her elderly dog.

Joanne was then helping her friend with some very lucky homeless dogs. Her skills and volunteerism as a certified dog groomer increased their chances for adoption. It was soon thereafter when her work's mission extended to other animal rescue groups as well.

It was through Joanne's background in computer technology that landed her opportunity to work at a local animal shelter on a project spanning several years. Her IT skills replaced the the shelter's manual operations with computers, software and trained staff. The result? An improved and more efficiently-run shelter.

Now one wouldn't think that computer skills blend well in an intuitive field. Yet Joanne attributes her 'extended special gifts' as inheritance from her paternal grandmother's interests in the ancient mastery of the Tarot which Joanne specialized in for over 30 years.

Currently Joanne blends those and other gifts with mainstream self-employment, real estate.

The Evolve.alution Movement is excited to Welcome Joanne's insights in this Sunday's continuation of Receiving. Her insights will teach us much about ourselves...the Truth, that is.

Be sure to attend or stay in the loop via www.JoyceLeake.com

Joyce Leake Founder of the Evolve.alution Movement

JoyceLeakeUnlimited@gmail.com [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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