As Andrew Wittman, Ph.D., author of 7 Secrets of Resilience for Parents writes, “Consciousness is contagious”.

There is no better illustration of a contagious consciousness than within the belly of mindset, i.e., group thought where patterns orchestrate for a selective purpose.

Group thought’s siren attract those seeking a-belong-to for a cause, mission and/or need.

As research reveals abandonment serves as a threat to a pivotal human need; we simply do not want to be avoided, discounted or left out; not a life sentence once disclosed.

The difference between those who find solace within a mindset's cocoon and those who butterfly-free is curiosity, the natural want to know. Its innate call solicits those seeking a broader scope beyond a mindset's containment.

In fairness, not all mindset is unworthy. For those tunneled a back-end benefit awaits; self-discovery.

Common curiosity can come to the rescue if one is willing to simply question:

... What value is my time spent?

... At what expense does my energy reap?

... Is my own cause well served?

Mindset can hold, convince and persuade; but only the unaware.

You are now aware so beware.

Puppetry is not the likely end, it is the end.

Joyce Leake, Founder of The Evolve.Alution

My intention is not here to change your mind.

My intention is to open your mind.

Knowledge is power.

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