What Kind are You?

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Being the new mama to a puppy who is extremely energetic and cute, I find myself being asked over and over, "what kind is he?" It occurred to me there are getting to be so many dogs in our dog loving community, which you can't tell what breed(s) they are, due to the popularity of rescue dogs (and somewhat shaming if you don't get a dog from the pound or rescue) which are so neutralized in its make up, you can't tell what breed they are. But we still try and figure it out...we look at them and think, okay his head looks like this breed, its size, tail, features, temperament...where did they come from? We want to know if there is a breed in them we are familiar with, so we know what to expect. Dogs of course have their own ways of figuring out who each other are!

Isn't that what we do to each other every day? Perhaps not quite like the dogs do, however we are looking at each other, trying to figure out what to expect depending on types of "breed” of sorts. Most of us are mutts too. LOL can’t tell for sure what group or country or clan we came from...but we still look for someone who is familiar to us. The familiarity of finding our kind. Think of travelers who exploring the world 1,000 years ago...it was really obvious when someone was new to a community, there was a huge distinction in looks and dress and manner and how wonderful when you’re so far away from home to find someone who was from your home... your clan.

So, we still size each other up by looks, clothes, manner and "kind". We get really good at making quick judgments of people and either discarding any further attempt of getting to know them or thinking this is someone like me! That's some of the disappointment of meeting someone and having then not live up to our expectations, we thought they were part of our clan and the finding out they're capable of disappointing us, leaves us feeling more alone than before.

I believe, what we are really looking for is a familiar soul. Whether it's in the animal world or the human, when we look into each other’s eyes, we're asking "Do I know you? Are you safe? Are you like me? Do we know each other from another time and place? Is there something I can learn from you or teach you? When someone looks back at us with eyes that recognize us also, we feel reborn, we feel seen. Isn't that what we all are looking for? To feel like we belong and are seen and accepted as the unique, beautiful souls we are. Not neutralized by this fast paced and somewhat shallow world by politics, religion or race. Heaven forbid we'd look and see disapproval or contempt. Maybe that's why we stopped looking...out of fear of being shamed or feeling discarded.

When you come across people today, look into their eyes, smile and acknowledge their soul. It's what we're all looking for. Watch the reaction on their faces of pure joy. You'll change both of your lives for the better and they'll not soon forget you. What "kind" are you?

Jani www.JaniLyn.net

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